Market Your Real Estate

Buyers and Sellers

Sellers and buyers become emotionally overwhelmed when it comes to selling or buying a home, vacant land or business. If you are ready to sell, SELL! If you are ready to buy, BUY! That is the primary secret to selling or buying property.

Unfortunately, emotion, stress, financial doubt, mistrust of realtors, it all becomes part of the selling and buying equation. So, before you decide to sell or buy, compose yourself and discuss all your concerns with your realtor before you sign a contract. Real estate is like any other business, that is, marketing, cooperation and time are some of the more essential tools to a successful outcome. The most recognized and influential way of leveraging your sale or purchase of property is by listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in your area and establishing a trust and confidence in your realtor you choose.


When choosing the right real estate agent, you do not simply call the first agent you see in your local tabloid, do your research. Determine realtor’s credentials, discuss their selling strategies and request a quote. Understand what the quote represents. Most sellers and buyers believe that a real estate agent acts alone in his or her own capacity when in fact like any other business, they are affiliated with a broker, offices, a team of agents, overhead and marketing expenses, and a network of multiple other brokers and agents locally, statewide, nationally and globally. A substantial expense goes into the marketing strategy of selling or buying a single home, business or a piece of vacant land.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Presentation, Visualization and Walkthroughs are the most effective way of selling or buying property. If your property is listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) you have just listed globally meaning you have exposed your property to thousands and thousands of interested viewers you would otherwise never reach. The MLS provides details of your property, exterior and interior photos, and provides notice to all realtors within the MLS location when they can do a walkthrough and show your property to interested parties. Not being on the MLS will seriously limit interested traffic.


The greater visibility a seller can present to interested buyers is everything. Any presentation on the MLS generally includes most every detail of your home and displays exterior and interior photos. Photography is everything. It allows buyers to visualize what you are selling. Although photos are a great way for presenting your property, today, enhanced photography such as 3D and virtual imaging, video and aerial video are becoming the new platform to enhance a sell. It gives seller an alternative method of presenting to buyers a tour of your property and can make your property stand out from your competitors. Enhanced photography costs more than standard still photography used by most competitors and worth discussing with your realtor as to cost for such enhanced presentations of your property. Visit for examples of enhanced 3D and Virtual Reality photography.


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